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Tribute – Pastor David Olusegun Komolafe

In this tribute to Pastor David Olusegun Komolafe, we celebrate a life dedicated to faith and service. Pastor David Olusegun Komolafe’s unwavering commitment to our community has been a beacon of hope and endless inspiration. From his profound sermons to his compassionate outreach, he has touched our lives in countless ways. We are eternally grateful for his guidance and the lasting legacy he leaves behind.


Jan 19 2024
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  1. Esther Adebajo says:

    Pastor David Komolafe will be dearly missed, though departed from this sinful world but rest assured he is resting in the bossom of our ressurected Jesus. I have never seen someone as humble and passionately dedicated to the work of the Kingdom of God than Pastor David. May Almighty God comfort the familly left behind and may the work of God continue to progress to the highest level in Jesus name. We love you pastor David but God loves you the most the enemies has lost the battle. Praise be unto God!

  2. Pastor Festus Megbehingbe. says:

    Bewildered, troubled and confused when I learnt about your sudden passing away. My sleep have often be interjected with jerking and inexpressible are the thoughts of my minds as i put down this tribute.

    *”My Pastor”* as i fondly called you. Like an elderly blood brother would take his younger one, you took me, as a friend would do, you related with me and as a student in spiritual matters you taught and nurtured me.
    A great man you were, loving, generous, understanding, temperate and full of wisdom. A personality honoured by God and loved by good-hearted people, an awesome teacher with unequal grace, as intercessor, you bore the ministry and trained thousands of your disciples. Your understanding and dispense of the WORD of GOD is astute, and the materials you left behind are living as they are filled with instructions for those that can bear them.

    “My Pastor”, I still have not comprehended your transiting to glory. My sleep is sometimes mare with nightmares. It is as if, i will still see you at your arrival or receive your call. I am going to have to battle with your ‘no call’ any more, and my gisting with you shall be no more until we meet at the feet of our Master Jesus to part no more.

    In your last call and last words, you wished me “Good night”, little did I know that it was the last words i will hear from you. “Good night” to me because of the part of the globe i am residing while it was day at your end. Indeed, you are in a day with the Lord where there won’t be night again nor the sun setting.

    God alone through His Holy Spirit is the one that can fill this gap for Mummy (Pastor Mrs), for the children, for the siblings…for relations and all the well wishers.

    As your middle name implies, you are victorious over death, triumph over hell, and over corruptions with which the devil wants to use against you and alas, you have laid your crowns at His feet of the Master waiting for your brethren.. I indeed have solace in the Lord for the so-much-joy that wraps you in the night that you passed away which I cannot wait to witness myself at the end of my race.

    Rest on My Pastor, rest on our beloved Pastor, rest on Man of God at the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. So Be It!

  3. Charles, Helena, Michael, Mitchell and Sharon Creppy says:

    I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord, he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. (John 11:25-26)

    Gracious God, creator of life, conqueror of death and carrier of hope, make your presence known among us today as we mourn the death of your servant on Earth.

    We thank you for the life, compassionate, and loving soul of our father, Pastor David Komolafe, whom you have called into eternal rest. Strengthen the family and those of us going through this transition period so we will celebrate His Life On Earth and remember his unique contributions to humanity.

    We commit the family left behind, relations, the church and all friends to your loving care and the guidance of the Holy Spirit during this period of the painful loss of a dear one.
    Send your spirit of compassion, comfort, guidance, and care as we move forward daily to continue building the family of God Almighty through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    We finally commit all funeral arrangements to your hands and pray for a successful programme. Send us your peace, merciful God, and thank you for answering our prayers. Amen.

  4. Taiwo Aladefa OLY says:

    May the soul of the departed rest in Peace with our maker and may our Almighty victorious God keep the entire family with the loved ones in perfect peace with his unending love


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